Sunday, 20 January 2013

Priviet!  Happy New Year 2013

So I am now back in Moscow after a blooming lovely ( yet extremely tiring) Christmas and New Year in the Motherland.  It was a countryside based christmas surrounded by family and furbies, the former which was lovely the latter not so much!  Furbies are dangerous things and I fear one day they will take over the planet, all should be exterminated on sight! Then onto a week in London and some nice catching up with friends and a groovy bit of 80's based Guilty Pleasures and power ballads in Kentish Town for New Year's Eve. There was no shame!

So we have started a new term... the Christmas Concert is being edited and photoshoped by the Russians and will soon be at number 1 at the box office.  Actually it went amazingly and we were all very proud of the little sproglets and ourselves!

The snow is falling everyday and we do laugh at the inability of the UK to cope right now but at the same time am just a little bit envious that our school will never have a 'snow day' however much falls!   Have been cross country skiing again and also our building built us our very own little ice rink. So we all purchased some rather fetching white ice skates today in the' Emily' and' Carmen' models and tried it out.  It was all going well until some naughty little Russian boys threw a CD over the gate at us!  I skated over to pick it up and it was entitled 'Skate or Die!'  Rosy thinks they are just boys having innocent fun... I however will be keeping one eye open at all times!

So i am now 32!!! eek!..thanks for all the presents and wishes and drinks!  Went out on Friday to celebrate in Solyanka club/restaurant.  Great night, vaugely remember vodka shots, dancing, laughing and squeezing 5 people into a taxi, lots of falling over in the snow ( Sophie!) and fishfinger and chip butties before bed... so that was nice!:)

This will be us!!
So now it's 6 weeks until the next holiday and in about 3 weeks Rosy and I will be jumping into an ice hole in the Moscow River in our bikinis!  This will be lots of fun i am sure, what i am really enjoying is turning the shower to ice cold for one minute each morning ( ok most mornings) to prepare for it, that's a really enjoyable feeling!   But no seriously it's a yearly event to raise money for homeless people in Moscow and help them through the bloody freezing winter!  We will set up details on facebook soon so please donate if you can kind people!

Russian lessons continue slowly but surely although when i tried to order cheesy bread at the cheesy bread lady's stall the other day she looked at me like she might have just wiped me off her shoe.. so progessing well i feel!  You don't get marks for trying in Russia you get marks for complete accuracy and no mistakes!!

Ok time to go.... Desvedanya xxx
P.S Easy Jet are doing flights to Moscow soon!!!!

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